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Why Antalya?

Why Antalya?

Why Choose to Turkey?

In the world, the number of people visiting foreign countries for health is increasing. Affordable price, professional and quality service, wanting to see different cultures and natural beauties play an important role for people's preferences.
Turkey has given more attention to health tourism in recent years. Turkey has become one of the few countries in the world in this field. Turkey, geographical structure, climate, natural resources and cheap and high quality health care is attracting the attention of many nations.
Turkey's hospitals are following closely the developments in the US and Europe. Turkish doctors are followed with the success of the countries in the world.
In 2010, the most secret of American medical tourism company medretreat, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and North Africa, have indicated that people's quality of health services as well as countries exotic destinations they can do. The most important factors for people to choose these countries are their businesses in the international medical tourism industry, their experience and high service quality.

Treatment Advantages of Being in Turkey

health services in Turkey are cheaper than in other countries.
Research shows that Turkey's cheap compared to many European countries (about 60-65%) indicate that.
hospital bed capacity and quality of doctors in Turkey is sufficient.
Turkey, close to Europe and the Middle East country.
Turkey is a Muslim country integrated with Western countries. Thus, Turkey can provide services to their patients from both western and Muslim countries.
There are enough staff in the hospitals who can speak foreign languages.
Turkey in the EU accession process. Thus Turkey, both the level of EU countries in terms of tourism and health services.
Turkey climate, tourism is one of the most diverse country in terms of culture and travel conditions.

Where is Turkey? How Close Is It?

Turkey to take part in the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it an important country. There are different flights from Turkey to many countries. The distances of the countries to Antalya are as follows:
England (London) - Antalya 3 hours
Morocco (Casablanca) - Antalya 4 hours
Germany (Berlin) - Antalya 2 hours 10 minutes
Netherlands (Amsterdam) -Antalya 2 hours 45 minutes
Austria (Vienna) - Antalya 1 hour 35 minutes
Switzerland (Basel) - Antalya 2 hours 18 minutes
Russia (Moskow) -Antalya 2 hours 11 minutes
Bulgaria (Sofia) -Antalya 38 minutes
Romania (Bucharest) - Istanbul 33 min
Syria (Damask) -Antalya 1 hour 19 minutes
Saudi Arabia (Makkah) -Antalya 3 hours 15 minutes
Tunisia (Tunisia) -Antalya 2 hours
Jordan (Amman) -Antalya 1 hour 55 minutes
Kazakhistan (Almaty) -Antalya 4 hours 52 minutes
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) -Antalya 3 hours 43 minutes
Azerbaijan (Baku) -Antalya 2 hours 12 minutes
United States (California-Los Angeles) -Antalya 13 hours 43 minutes
United States (New York) -Antalya 10 hours
Italy (Rome) -Antalya 1 hour 43 minutes
Greece (Athens) -Antalya 42 minutes
Uzbekistan (Tashkent) - Antalya 4 hours 10 minutes