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Both Vacation and Treatment

Both Vacation and Treatment

one of Europe's most important holiday regions in Antalya and Turkey can make your dental treatment in one hand while a luxury resort.


​In order to provide a different understanding and functioning in the field of health tourism, it is an institution that works in cooperation with travel consultants while performing treatments with specialist physicians. Our experts have developed different methods to provide you with the best and most satisfying services.



Before your treatment, we ask you to contact us first.
After examining your data, our doctors will determine the most suitable treatment for you. After our consultants inform the approximate price, your appointment is planned with your approval.




Thanks to our methods, your treatment can be determined to a large extent. If your doctor thinks that you need some tests, you will be given information both in Turkey and both of these tests you can do in your own country. The biggest advantage of this method is that you need to know your budget before coming to Turkey for treatment. Thus, there will be no additional costs for you.



transportation before coming to Turkey, book your accommodation will be organized and hospitals. These booking coupons will be sent to you by post before you arrive. When you come to Turkey, everything you need related to your treatment will be organized by us. If you want, you can manage this organization yourself.