Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning

You can send us your current oral x-ray by filling out the form below or send it to +90 553 308 47 10 via WhatsApp in order to have your treatment planning done, get detailed information about treatments and budget before coming to Antalya.

After your x-ray is examined, your treatment plan is prepared by our specialist physicians and sent to you with details.


Before your treatment, we ask you to contact us first.
After examining your data, our doctors will determine the most suitable treatment for you. After our consultants inform the approximate price, your appointment is planned with your approval.
Thus, we introduce you to our doctor before coming to Turkey. After this procedure, you can consult our doctors on all issues related to the treatment. In this way, doctor-patient communication starts before your treatment and when you come to treatment, your doctor can start your treatment process immediately.


Thanks to our methods, your treatment can be determined to a large extent. If your doctor thinks that you need some tests, you will be given information both in Turkey and both of these tests you can do in your own country. The biggest advantage of this method is that you need to know your budget before coming to Turkey for treatment. Thus, there will be no additional costs for you.